Polynesian theism

Io-te-wananga (Io-the-omnierudite) of the heavens is the origin of all things.  These are the things tat Io-mata-ngaro (Io-the-unseen-face) retained to himself; the sprit and the life and the form; it is by these that all things have form according to their kind…

All things were subservient to Io-the-great-one, and hence the truth of the names of Io:

Io-the-great-god-over-all, Io-the-enduring (or everlasting), Io-the-all-parent, Io-of-all-knowledge, Io-the-origin-of-all-things (the one true God), Io-the-immutable, Io-the-summit-of-heaven, Io-the-god-of-one-command, Io-the-hidden-face, Io-only-seen-in-a-flash-of-light, Io-presiding-in-all-heavens, Io-the-exalted-of-heaven, Io-the-parentless (self-created), Io-the-life-giving, Io-who-renders-not-to-man-that-which-he-withholds…

Now, it is clear that all things, the worlds and their belongings, all gods of mankind, his own gods, all are gathered in his presence (i.e. proceed from him).  There is nothing outside or beyond him; with him is the power of life, of death, of godship.  Everything that proceeds from other than Io and his commands, death is the collector of those.  If all his commands are obeyed and fulfilled by everyone, safety and well-being result therefrom.

Now, it is obvious that all things of life and death are combined in the presence of (or are due to) Io-the-hidden-face; there is nothing outside or beyond him.  All godships are in him and he appoints them their places; the gods of the dead and the gods of the living.  All things are named (i.e. created) by the god of the worlds, in the heavens, the plances and the water, each has its own function.  Even the smallest atom, such as grains of dust, or pebbles, has its place–to hold the boundaries of the ocean or the waters.

–quoted in Primitive Man as Philosopher by Paul Radin

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