Montaigne on the Spirit of Vatican II

Now, that which methinks brings as much disorder in our consciences, namely in these troubles of religion wherein we are, is the dispensation Catholics make of their belief.  They suppose to show themselves very moderate and skillful when they yield their adversaries any of those articles now in question.  But besides that they perceive not what an advantage it is for him that chargeth you, if you but once begin to yield and give them ground, and how much that encourageth him to pursue his point; those articles which they choose for the lightest are oftentimes most important.  Either a man must wholly submit himself to the authority of our Ecclesiastical policy or altogether dispense himself from it.  It is not for us to determine what part of obedience we owe unto it.  And moreover, I may say it, because I have made trial of it, having sometimes used this liberty of my choice and particular election, not regarding certain points of the observance of our Church, which seem to bear a face either more vain or more strange.  Coming to communicate them with wise men, I have found that those things have a most solid and steady foundation, and that it is but foolishness and ignorance makes us receive them with less respect and reverence than the rest.  Why remember we not what and how many contradictions we find and feel even in our own judgement?  How many things served us but yesterday as articles of faith which today we deem but fables?  Glory and curiosity are the scourges of our souls.  The latter induceth us to have an oar in every ship, and the former forbids us to leave anything unresolved or undecided.

—from It is folly to refer truth or falsehood to our sufficiency

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