The future of the Catholic Church–getting ready for the worst

It’s important to be psychologically prepared for what’s coming.

The Roman Catholic Church has been imploding for as long as I’ve been alive.  For most of that time, I’ve lived with the comforting illusion that, sooner or later, the supply of easy apostates is going to dry up.  I had long imagined that there is some “hard core” of dedicated Catholics who will stick with the Church no matter what.  Surrounding this hard core, I imagined there to be a “soft layer” of Catholics who were either indifferent to religious truth, didn’t really believe the Chuch’s doctrine anyway, or else didn’t believe it enough to stick with a truly unpopular organization.  Sure, I thought, we’re going through some rough times.  We’re going to lose most of the soft layer, but once they’re gone, the hard core will be left, and the liberals won’t be able to crack that nut.  How big is the hard core, though?  As a naive child (okay, college student), I assumed it had to be at least 10% of the baptized.

Of course, the fraction of Catholics attending Mass in many European countries, and the fraction of Catholics in any country accepting unpopular but infallibly taught Church teachings, is now well below 10%.  Just to give you an idea how bleak the situation is, I quote the following from Appendix 1 of David Carlin’s The Decline and Fall of the Catholic Church in America:

In the year 2000, the percentages of lay religion teachers in Catholic elementary schools who agreed with the Church’s official teaching on the following topics:  contraception, 10%; abortion, 26%; infallibility of the pope, 27%; an exclusively male priesthood, 33%; the Real Presence, 63%; life after death, 74%; the Resurrection, 87%; the divinity of Christ, 91%; and the existence of God, 98%.

And that’s Catholic religion teachers, for Christ’s sake!  At least 90% of them are open heretics.  What we’ve learned is that there is no hard core, or rather, that it’s so small as to be statistically insignificant.  I suppose it’s possible that 1% of the Catholic populace are on the Church’s side, although I’ve now come to think that even this is excessively optimistic.

That’s the first point.  There is no lower limit short of zero to how small the Church may get.  The second point is this:  the Catholic Church has no friends.  If the U.S. Marines smashed into Saint Peter’s tomorrow and led the pope back to the USA in chains, no one would complain, and no one would raise a finger to help him.  It doesn’t matter that the United States is the most unpopular country in the world.  After all, the UN and the EU hate the Church even more than America does.

The above is more than hypothetical; I’m convinced that it’s going to happen.  As Sandro Magister reports

On June 29, in the United States, the supreme court refused to examine the Holy See’s request to dismiss charges against the highest Vatican authorities as part of a lawsuit in Oregon over sexual abuse committed by a religious.

The Holy See’s request had been supported by the Obama administration. In 2005 as well, during the Bush presidency, the American state department had said it was illegitimate to name Benedict XVI in an abuse lawsuit in Texas, by virtue of the immunity of every head of state, and therefore of the pope as well. And that time, the judge ruled in favor of the administration.

But the supreme court has decided not to consider the question, as it does with the great majority of the 7-8 thousand appeals that it receives every year, examining no more than 60-70 of them.

As a result, the supreme court has left the judgment to a lower court, in this case the federal appeals court of Oregon. Theoretically, therefore, this court could approve the naming as defendants of Pope Benedict XVI, of his secretary of state Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, of prefect for the congregation of the faith Cardinal William Levada, and of the apostolic nuncio in the United States, Archbishop Pietro Sambi. This would become possible if the Oregon court were to establish that the religious who committed the abuse, who died in 1992, was an “employee of the Holy See.”

A similar suit against the highest authorities of the Church is underway in Kentucky, and another was opened a few days ago in Los Angeles.

It is practically inevitable that one of these law suits will find a jury or judge sufficiently anti-Catholic that they will decide to bring down the pope.  Myself, I hope that the Swiss Guard fight to the last man, and that they take a few of those American bastards down with them.

Catholics must be prepared for the full extent of the evils that will befall us.  What America is going to do will be far worse than what Philip the Fair or Napoleon did.  The whole pseud-legal facade demands it.  Having siezed a foreign head of state, they will have to find him guilty.  The Church’s assets will be confiscated.  Saint Peter’s will be bulldozed down and replaced with brothels, abortion clinics, and statues of Voltaire.  America will bring democracy to the Church the same way it did to Iraq.  The elections it will hold for the new leadership of the Church may be faked, or they may be real.  Since 99% of self-professed Catholics are, in fact, liberal heretics, the USA could afford to have an honest election for pope, or president, or whatever they choose to call the new anti-pope.  Expect encyclicals on the wonderfulness of abortion and sodomy by the end of the decade.

For a long time, I’ve been unwilling to accept that this is what’s coming, but the facts warrant no other conclusion.  As I’ve shown, there are strong forces working to bring this about, and absolutely none working against it.  I wish that I had died before things had become this clear.  Perhaps God will be merciful and send an automobile accident or something in the next couple of years, so that I won’t have to be around for the worst of it.  I doubt it though.  I haven’t done anything to deserve His mercy, and besides, I have a family to support.  I can’t fight the terrible feeling that He has abandoned us.  I know intellectually that this is incorrect, but that doesn’t make the feeling any less real.

How shall we endure?

5 Responses

  1. […] can Catholics respond to the kidnapping on the Pope? By bonald As I said in an earlier article, I am almost certain that the United States of America will launch a physical attack on Vatican […]

  2. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess, but this all seems like ridiculous hyperbole, especially now.

  3. They don’t want to seize the Pope, they want to steal the Church’s money.

  4. Each move of the Left sounds crazy until they do it. This particular danger seemed implausible to most people when I wrote it. The only reason it seems even less likely now is the presence of a new pope espousing heresies congenial to the USA. I wouldn’t be surprised if the American government somehow threatened the cardinals before the conclave. Something like “we’ve got the legal mandate to end the papacy tomorrow, but we’ll leave it alone if you start dancing to our tunes.”

  5. A judgment against the Holy See would not be a legal mandate to attack the Vatican, it’d be a mandate to steal the Holy See’s American assets.

    They wouldn’t be the first country that we did that too.

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