Recommended readings on the web

Jerry Salyer has an excellent takedown of the neo-pagan Right (together with a defense of both Christianity and authentic paganism) on the Chronicles website.

This Salyer fellow seems to be really worth following.  He’s also got an article on the bombing of Nagasaki that I recommend here.  How could I not like an article that states so directly that “civilization rests upon the sacred”?

And since I’m still on my big Thomas Molnar kick, may I direct your attention to his Recovering a Sense of the Sacred?  Who on the Right today is operating on this level?

rkirk has a wonderful statement of principles:  “I support all those causes which a mainstream conservative would never articulate unless prefaced by the words ‘of course, I’m not suggesting that we…’ ”

C. Van Carter at Across Difficult Country remarks “President Obama intends to put Musselmen in space.  Good news! I thought, until I realized he didn’t mean all of them.”

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