Random thoughts on gay marriage, patriarchy, and academia

  1. I don’t understand why liberals aren’t happier people.  If I were a liberal, I’d be absolutely ecstatic all day every day.  Just think of how life is for a Leftist.  Your side has none nothing but victory for centuries.  Your worst fear is that your opponents will capitulate before you have a chance to formulate your next set of demands.  Your set dominates the elite in every profession.  All the books, movies, and television shows you’re likely to encounter will reinforce your sense of moral superiority.  And yet they always act like it’s an outrage that they face any opposition whatsoever.  It’s not enough that they always win–they’ve gotten so accustomed to that they don’t notice it anymore; they think victory should be immediate.  Victory is wasted on the party of the future.
  2. What upsets me most isn’t the fact that we traditionalists are going to lose on the marriage and gender role issues–we’ve gotten so accustomed to that we don’t notice it anymore.  What bothers me is that we never really fought.  We never really presented our beliefs to the public.  The fullness of our vision–masculine and feminine virtues, chastity, personal dependency networks, absolute self-donation, the language of the body, and filial piety–was never presented to the public.  It was too “extreme”, too “medieval”.  We decided that we mustn’t frighten the public, and above all we mustn’t question the public’s idol of “sexual equality”, i.e. androgynism.  So we sacrificed the main principle and presented no rationale for our beliefs whatsoever.  The whole point of fighting gay marriage was to defend distinct gender roles.  Instead, the whole case of the “intellectually respectable conservatives” is that one can abolish gender roles while resisting gay marriage.  And one can, but why bother?
  3. I’m getting sick of hearing people say that we have to fight gay marriage because it will lead to polygamy.  If marriage becomes a angrogynous, temporary, nonprocreative legal construct (as it is about to), who cares about polygamy?  As Louis de Bonald pointed out two centuries ago, divorce is a worse offense against the family than polygamy.  The latter, after all, has long existed in many traditional, religious societies; unlike divorce and gay marriage, polygamy doesn’t negate the distinct roles and dependencies of the husband and wife.
  4. I was walking through the university bookstore today, looking at the textbooks for the fall semester.  I saw that there were two books on gender roles required for a sociology course, both written from a feminist perspective, of course.  I walked away feeling quite depressed.  Why is it that the enemy dominates the studies of all the things that matter most to our side?
  5. There’s a certain irony to this, too:  why are so many fields dominated by people who hate their subjects.  Liberals believe that the past is something we must overcome, yet most historians are liberals.  Gender roles are primarily studied by feminists who want to eradicate them.  Sociology is also liberal-dominated, even though liberals, being philosophical individualists, don’t really value society.  Theology departments are staffed by people who despise the Christian tradition.  Anthropologists always hate the culture in which they were raised.  Courses on the classics are taught by egalitarians who don’t believe that a work can be a classic.  It goes on and on.  I think maybe we’ve found a reason why some liberals aren’t happy.

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