More on conservatives and the university

I’ve been on a Thomas Molnar kick lately, reading through a bunch of his essays stored on the ISI website.  Among the delights I’ve found is this 1974 essay titled Conservatism and Intelligence.  It addresses the same subject as that of one of my recent posts–what conservatives have to offer the university.  I was pleased to see that one of the examples he gives of a conservative intellectual, one whose contributions were made possible by his conservative temperment, was the same example I used:  Mircea Eliade.  (By the way, The Sacred and the Profane is one of my favorite books of all time–all of you should read it.)  He also discusses Eric Voegelin and Alexis de Tocqueville, and he mentions Bergson, Burckhart, and Roepke as other examples.  Molnar’s definition of conservatism in the intellectual sphere has to do with respect for the past and a preference for dealing with the concrete rather than the abstract, but dealing with it in a holistic way.

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