The box

While traveling cross-country, my wife and I could only take with us what we could fit in the car–the rest we had to entrust to the moving company.  Most of the stuff in the car is clothes and other essentials, but we allotted ourselves each one small box for books and papers.  This is sort of like those trapped-on-a-desert-island/Time-Machine “which three books would you take?” dilemmas, but I actually faced it.  I based my selection both on what would be hard or costly to replace and what I wouldn’t want to be without.  In the end, I think it gives an interesting profile of me.

My box contains

  • A 1961 St. Joseph daily Missal, inherited from my late grandmother
  • A Key to the Doctrine of the Eucharist by Vonier
  • The New Science of Politics by Voegelin
  • A New American Bible given to me by my parents on my 11th birthday
  • Plutarch’s Lives complete in one volume
  • The Ancient City by Coulanges
  • Selected Philosophical Writings by Aquinas
  • The City of God by Augustine
  • The Basic Works of Aristotle in one volume
  • Man and Woman by von Hildebrand
  • The Meaning of Conservatism by Scruton
  • Numerican Recipes in C++ by Press et al
  • Black Holes, White Dwarfs, and Neutron Stars by Shapiro and Teukolsky
  • Stellar Interiors by Hansen and Kawaler
  • Accretion Power in Astrophysics by Frank, King, and Raine
  • Astrophysics I by Bowers and Deeming
  • Problem Book in Relativity and Gravitation by Lightman et al
  • Unified Grand Tour of Theoretical Physics by Lawrie
  • Rieman Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Mechanics by Toro
  • my graduate school lecture notes for particle physics, quantum field theory, computational physics, general relativity, statistical mechanics, and fluid mechanics.
  • My PhD thesis
  • a folder of letters from my wife during our courtship

If you had one book box, what would you put in it?  I love book lists, so I’d actually be happy to hear.

2 Responses

  1. Plutarch’s Lives is good, but if I could only keep one ancient historian it would have to be Tacitus.

  2. I haven’t gotten around to reading Tacitus. With that recommendation, I’m moving it to the top of my Amazon wish list.

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