My feelings towards environmentalists

My feelings towards environmentalists are funny.  On the one hand, I think most of their demands are actually good and reasonable.  For example, we should be doing what we can to mitigate global warming.  The fact that we’re not is a serious problem.  On the other hand, I have a pretty strong dislike of environmentalists themselves.  Why is that?

It might the the ideological baggage they carry with them, such as their pronounced hatred of Christianity and Western civilization.  It might be their Malthusian tendencies–the way they use their moral clout to promote contraception and abortion.  It might be the way they seem to regard human beings as something unnatural, not part of the environment, but rather an invader or an overseer.  In a way, modern environmentalists are the opposite of the old conservationists.  The latter, who were often quite conservative (the Southern agrarians, for example), wanted to remind us that man was a part of nature, and that’s why we need to make peace with it, so that we can live in accordance with our own natures.  The environmentalists, on the other hand, are hostile to human naturalness–they especially hate it when we behave like normal animals by eating meat and reproducing.  The idea is that we can’t keep doing what comes naturally, because it’s ruining “the planet”.  Instead, we need scientists to tell us how to eat and how to have sex.  Nature is most definitely not welcome in the bedroom.

I think, though, that what really pisses me off about the environmentalists is the way they feel entitled to brainwash other people’s children in the public schools.

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