New book reviews

I’ve added a few new book reviews.

First, I’ve reviewed Stanley Payne’s Fascism.  Payne wrote an excellent history of the Franco regime, in which I first found him to be a careful and openminded taxonomist of the radical Right, a skill that serves him well here.  Unfortunately, the book lacks a big idea like we find at the end of Nolte’s.

Then I’ve reviewed a couple of classics:  Aristotle’s Politics and Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals.  Maybe I’m getting lazy, reviewing stuff that I read a long time ago, but hopefully it contributes a little to my goal of elevating the intellectual level of discussions on the Right.  When reviewing classics, you’re not evaluating quality–of course these are great books.  Rather, you try to engage their arguments.

Ah, but isn’t it presumptuous for me, a physicist entirely self-taught in philosophy and politics, to present my take on Aristotle and Kant?  Perhaps.  But remember that, because of Leftist hegemony in the universities, the American Right is an intellectually decapitated movement.  This is bad overall, but for an obscure reactionary blogger, it has this advantage:  it doesn’t take much for you to get (intellectually) near the top.

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