Where have I been?

Dear colleagues,

By night, I am a reactionary, a defender of authority and tradition.  This is not very rewarding either financially (actually, I don’t make any money from it at all) or psychologically (since it mostly consists of the constant experience of crushing defeat), so it’s a good thing I have a secret identity (i.e. a day job).  By day, I am a physicist, a small part of the rewarding and successful effort to extend mankind’s understanding of the universe.  I’ve recently accepted a faculty offer from a university in the western U.S., and that’s had me pretty busy–finding housing, recruiting graduate students, sounding out new collaborators, etc.  I expect to stay busy for a while due to grant applications and moving.  So that’s the reason why the blogging here has been somewhat sporadic.

It’s certainly not that I, and the tradition for which I try to speak, have run out of things to say.  There are several anthropology book reviews that I’d like to set down when I get the time.  Also, I’ve been thinking more deeply into the nature of authority, and I’d very much like to share my thoughts here.  I’d like to read and write some more on the historical importance of kinship/marriage rules (patrilinearity, exogamy, etc).  I would like to continue my study of continental European conservative thinkers, with the goal of eventually putting together a non-Anglocentric history of conservative thought.  I would like to fight the half-century long sliding of Catholic social thought from sense into sentimentality.  I’d like to add some sense to discussions of religious “intolerance”, in particular why Christian-Jewish coexistence and its history are not as simple as is generally supposed.

How much of this will get done?  Who knows?  Probably bits and pieces on lots of topics.  Then, of course, there’s the fact that the conservative’s job is to play defense, so I can’t just write about whatever interests me.  I have to respond where the Left attacks.  It can be sad, hopeless work–I know we can never win–but I feel like I would burst if I let the Leftist attacks I hear go unchallenged, so I mean to go on with this blog.  Thank you for your interest and your comments.

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