Against journalism: destroying loyalty

“Well, we need an anticlerical press to protect us from our bishops.  Without the press, the clergy would walk all over us.”  The person who says this is already more than half way out of the Catholic Church and into the arms of the Enemy.  If one must have accountability, it is suicidal to get it from a hostile power.

Consider this:  sometimes military officers abuse their power and treat the enlisted men unfairly.  Who should be in charge of uncovering such abuses?  Should it be the higher-ranked officers?  Following the logic of journalism, this won’t do, because the entire officer corps has an incentive to stick together and suppress embarrassing complaings.  I know, perhaps the men should rely on the enemy!  Imagine if, during World War II, U.S sailors had looked for exposure of officer abuse from Tokyo Rose.  Brilliant, right?  The Japanese have no incentive to cover up the abuses of American officers.  And suppose to placate the sailors, Navy officers had to try to explain themselves to the Japanese Imperial Navy.  Obviously, this is crazy.  The moment the men started turning to the enemy for information about their own leaders, they mentally defected and joined the enemy.  Similarly, Catholics, Mormons, business men, and soldiers would be fools to turn to their enemies in the nation’s newsrooms for “the truth” about their leaders.

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