Blog updates

On the right, you’ll see that I’ve added a new cluster of pages:  my “Aristotle and Evolution” essay, in which I show that the Aristotelian arguments for human uniqueness, the existence of God, and the spiritual reality of love and loyalty are not affected by Darwin’s theory, or any other current or conceivable scientific theory.  I’m particularly pleased with my last chapter, on the doctrine of original sin, which I show means far more than just that human beings have temptations to be bad.  Non-Christians are right to point out that that in itself hardly needs a supernatural explanation.

Another recent addition is my new blogroll, in which I list some recommended sites.  I was fairly picky about who I put on my blogroll.  A site only made the cut if 1) I agree with the majority of its central positions, 2) I’ve learned things by reading it, i.e. it presents new and interesting ideas, and 3) it presents reasonable arguments for its positions, as opposed to just calling their opponents bad names.  Needless to say, I don’t agree with everything you might find through these links, but they constitute, in my opinion, the cutting edge of online traditionalist thought.  More links may be added as they occur to me.

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