Another reason why the Republican Party is worthless

It does things like this.  Senator Reid pointed out that the fact that President Obama speaks without a Negro dialect helped him to get elected, and this is a scandal why?  First, does anyone seriously doubt that there is such a thing as a negro dialect?  If you do, read this by a black linguist, and then stop pretending to be stupider than you are.  Does anyone doubt that people would be less likely to vote for someone who they thought sounded like a black gangster?  Note that Reid didn’t say people would have been correct to feel this way, only that that’s how it would have been.  Finally, has anyone not noticed that Obama speaks standard English?

I’ll admit that I feel a little sorry for the Senator.  After all, I thought the big advantage that comes with selling your soul to the Devil and becoming a liberal is that you finally get to stop groveling before assorted wedge minorities.  So, due in part to his nitwit Republican detractors, Reid has apologized to the Negro community, and all whites will suffer for it.  The fact is that every time a white person cowers and grovels at the feet of the Negros, it only encourages them to become more belligerent.  When whites try to make reparations to blacks, it only convinces the latter that the white man’s guilt is indeed beyond question.  Then there’s the matter of displaying weakness.  The black community has learned very well that the white man fears being called a “racist” more than death itself, and small acts of moral blackmail can yield big rewards in money and status.  Finally, there’s the issue of precedence.  Nobody could give a sensible explanation of why Reid’s comments were offensive, but we have now collectively agreed that such statements are beyond the pale.  This will just make it that much harder for the next poor shmuck who gets called down to Human Resources for using the word “niggardly” or the next first-grader who gets suspended because she says she doesn’t like Mexican food.  Ironically enough, the only friend that white American’s have had during this farce is President Obama, who has (quite reasonably) striven to downplay the incident.

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