Bonald’s maxim on what makes a family

I’ve heard it from several different sources, so I think it counts as a slogan.  People say that we should recognize homosexual marriages and allow homosexual adoptions because “love makes a family”.  Gays love each other; therefore they form valid families, QED.  This goes wrong from the very start–love most certainly does not make a family.  Friends can love each other.  What does make a family?  Here’s Bonald’s maxim on what makes a family, a correction to the popular slogan:

Duty makes a family.

It’s simple, short enough to fit on a bumper sticker, and it has the additional virtue of being true.  Lots of family members don’t love each other–some even despise each other–but what makes them family is that they’re bound to each other by ties of personal obligation.  So the question is not, “Can’t a man love another man the way he could love a woman?”  The question is “Can a man really have precisely the same obligations to another man as he could towards the woman who is the mother of his children?”

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