Bishop takes Church’s side!

It is the destiny of the Catholic Church to once again become the world’s leading reactionary force, as it was in the days of Pius IX, a sort of Comintern of the Right.  As liberalism’s global onslaught continues, more and more of what remains of the world’s traditional cultures will take refuge under her umbrella.  Already, the Church is the only place where Aristotle’s realism or Cicero’s natural law theory is taken seriously.  I may live to see the day when the Catholic Church is the only place where Confucius can get a hearing.  Dim-witted prelates have been trying to deflect the Church from its destined role ever since the disastrous reign of John XXIII; they think that if they grovel before liberalism enough, the Church will be spared.  But she won’t, and the sooner they realize that, the sooner Catholics will be able to identify their real allies and mount an effective defense.

It is thus an excellent piece of news that Archbishop Robert Sarah has issued a direct condemnation of some efforts to impose liberalism on Africa.  What’s better, he criticizes one of liberalism’s most appalling but least-challenged beliefs:  what they call “sexual equality”.  (I call it “androgynism”; Sarah calls it “gender theory”.)  What’s more, he criticizes “gender theory” both for its incompatibility with Christianity and for its incompatibility with African traditional cultures.  Here is a little bit of what I’ve been waiting for.  The Church is stepping into a role that must be filled, and that only she can fill.

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