Best of the Web: mid-July

I very much enjoyed this list of books that are regarded as classics but, in contributers’ opinions, shouldn’t be.

Roger Scruton explains why the urge to desecrate is ruining art.

This article doesn’t look interesting at first–just a rebuttal of the ridiculous claim that Mark Sanford’s adultery proves that Christian morality is a fraud.  Follow it down a couple of paragraphs, and you’ll find a great denunciation of utilitarianism in sexual ethics.

InsideCatholic has a tribute to Dietrich von Hildebrand  The article itself suffers from Thomas Howard’s usual inability to stay on subject, but I was very glad to see this article because von Hildebrand’s ethical writings have had a very strong influence on me–particularly his emphases on objective value and the virtue of reverence, which Howard hones in on.

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