UK government encourages teenage fornication, masturbation

Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves just how vile the liberals really are.  They really do want to corrupt your children.  I saw this in Zenit today:

“A British National Health Service pamphlet produced for teens is emphasizing sexual pleasure and is promoting regular intercourse as “healthy” for youth.

The new leaflet produced in Sheffield states that teenagers should be taught, “an orgasm a day keeps the doctor away,” the Dublin-based Iona Institute for Religion and Society reported this week.

This pamphlet, titled “Pleasure,” has been distributed to teachers, parents and youth workers.

It argues that health personnel focus excessively on promoting “safe sex” and not enough on enjoyment.

The leaflet states: “Health promotion experts advocate five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and 30 minutes physical activity three times a week. What about sex or masturbation twice a week?”

One author of the leaflet, Steve Slack, director of the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health at Sheffield’s National Health Service office, argued that teens have “as much right as an adult to a good sex life.”

Here we see the liberal project in its purity:  the world must be reduced to nothing but sovereign wills and the raw material they manipulate.  Acts and relations have no meanings except those we capriciously assign to them; there is nothing that calls for our respect or reverence.  It’s just an engineering problem–we’re so wonderfully clever that we’ve discovered that when certain organs are rubbed in certain ways, it generates a pleasant feeling.  Now we just have to be clever again and figure out how to use this fact to maximize our satisfactions.  It is inconcievable to these savages that this act might have an objective meaning defined by its procreative end, that by its nature it binds husband and wife and connects generation to generation.  They see their own and other bodies as things to be manipulated for carnal pleasure, refusing to recognize what John Paul II called the body’s “spousal meaning”, whereby normal men and women see embedded in their bodies a calling to self-giving love as fathers and mothers.  Nor is it enough that these health ministers are determined to live like animals, without chastity, modesty, romance, chivalry, or piety.  They feel entitled to use the state’s authority to drag innocent children down to their level.

What upsets me most of all is their explicitly encouraging young men to engage in the solitary vice.  I find this especially horrible for two reasons.  First, onanism is the worst of the sexual vices, in that it is farthest from the conjugal act of love.  Second, it is the most addictive of sexual vices because it is the easiest to engage in.  The average man would like to have sex several times a day if he could.  Now, to satisfy his cravings with a woman–even his wife–will require a good deal of courting effort each time, and in the end he’ll be lucky if he gets lucky as often as once a week.  Now, a man willing to engage in onanism can satisfy his cravings several times a day with essentially no effort.  This can be a very, very hard thing to give up, although I do know of cases where it’s been done.  It is certainly better for a man never to fall into this great sin, than to have to go through the long struggle of breaking the habit.

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  1. The following comment isn’t intended to offend the author or anyone else. I am expressing my thoughts the same way you are expressing yours. I don’t follow any religion, although I was raised as a catholic, and imparted cathechism when I was a teenager. I am not against the religious thought, although I think its focus should be changed. I think kids should be taught in terms of good, rational, and scientifically proved information! Live like animals? We are animals! with a conscience, with the ability to discover, with the ability to learn! If you see masturbation as something dirty, then that’s gonna be it for you, you’ll feel strangely guilty over something that is supposed to be enjoyable! Why not teach them masturbating is something that happens in nature? people do it. Their minds would be healthier, not worrying about “sins”, feeling normal, feeling enjoyment is natural and correct, understanding respect between humans is what we need, education is what we need, solidarity, freedom, equal opportunities… Instead of feeling their souls will be at danger if they masturbate or have sexual intercourse… WOW

  2. Animals behave according to the instincts embedded in their DNA.
    Humans have so little in the way of instinct that an infant can’t even find her mother’s nipple.
    Animals have sex with no understanding of why or what it’s for. Humans have to learn to have sexual relations and have understood the connection between sex and procreation from the beginning.

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