Pope demands creation of square wheels

In other words, he’s called for a “true world political authority” which would “observe consistently the principles of subsidiarity…”

I haven’t read Caritas in Veritate myself, so I’m going to be working from the summaries I’ve read in both Catholic and secular news sources.  Usually, one can count on the media to misrepresent (through ignorance, malice, or both) Church documents in whatever way best suits their own antagonistic purposes, but in this case, it seems to me that the secular sources have correctly honed in on the big news here, which is the pope’s endorsing world government.  I know, I know, that’s only one paragraph, and there’s a lot more to the encyclical.  Sure, it’s good to hear the Church remind us that we each have duties as well as rights.  On the other hand, it’s somewhat depressing that it takes so much moral and intellectual effort to make such an obvious point.  It’s certainly a good thing that the Pope reiterated the Church’s immutable opposition to abortion, contraception, and sodomy.  However, it’s not a thing that I’m grateful to the Vatican for.  The Church can’t relinquish these stands without falling into heresy, and we are guaranteed that the Holy Spirit will not allow this to happen.  Therefore, I’m no more grateful that the Church is holding the line on gay “marriage” than I am that the sun rises every day–because this is in God’s hands, and He’s so reliable that I tend to take Him for granted.  I do think that it reflects poorly on the clergy that the Church has for half a century been hovering just above the level below which God Himself will not allow Her to fall.

Back to the world government crap.  I know Pope Benedict isn’t stupid, so what the hell could he possibly be thinking?  How could he not realize, after clashing with the pure evil that is the United Nations and the pure evil that is the European Union, that any world government would inevitably be an atheist, communist tyranny, that it would be the enemy of the Church, the enemy of the family, the enemy of every traditional community?   Isn’t this obvious?  A world government would have to stand above, which would mean outside, of every culture and every religion.  Stripped of these riches, what principles would the world government use to decide justice?  “Natural law”, the good Catholic is probably tempted to answer.  But thinking outside of all religion and culture is unnatural.  The highest demands of natural law are usually the one’s that it is hardest to express without the help of one’s own religion and culture.  No, the world government would certainly base itself on the lowest common denominator:  the greatest pleasure and the least pain for the greatest number.  Nor is having a utilitarian cosmopolitan overclass the worst of it.  The world government will not be neutral to religion and culture; on the contrary, it will certainly be driven to hostility towards them.  Loyalty to a religion, nation, or culture will tend to limit the power of the world government by creating rival authorities.  From the point of view of our cosmopolitan overlords, these loyalties will be enemies.  They will see them as irrational, as discriminatory, and–most damning of all–as checks on the overlords’ own power and on their ability to remake the world along “rational” lines.  The world government must always will the destruction of every rival, be it localist or transcendent.  How can one doubt it?  Look at the atheistic UN and EU–organizations in which a small, impious and alienated elite plot together against the cultures and religions of the world.  Why, why, why does the Catholic Church insist of helping to build up Her own enemies?

By the way, John Zmirak at InsideCatholic shares my concerns.

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